Friday, June 17, 2011

Moving out at 25.

In a week and 2 days, I will be moving out of my parents house, for good!
I know I should be excited, but to be honest, I'm a little afraid. Yes, I am 25 years
old now, but it's still a big step. Moving out, ummm. Not having to hear my parents
shout "What are you doing with your life?" on a weekly basis will be great & not having my
mom telling me that its cold outside, that I should remember to wear a scarf, or not to run for the
bus because it's better to lose your bus then lose your life. THAT will not be missed. (I know mom, Im not an idiot,
I just dont put my scarf on 20 minutes before leaving, while still getting ready. And running for the bus, when do I
EVER run?)
Although, I will surely yearn for my parents when Im sick, or when I come home exhausted, expecting
a warm dinner to be ready for me. I am not a brat, I PROMISE. My mom and dad just act like real
parents, in the sense that, they make my food and give me medicine when Im sick or, answer me
frankly when I ask them if I look fat in my new dress. Yes Yes my mom still does my laundry.
But I don't ASK her to, and I do it too, it's just that sometimes, if I leave my dirty clothes in my basket
for lets say, over a week, she grabs my stuff and puts it with hers. I thank her profusely for it. My sweet
little mum. Some Non-Montrealers or french Montrealers will not understand why I waited so long to move out.
In my culture & many European cultures, you do not leave your parents' house until you marry. Now, I am not
getting married by any means, BUT, I am moving in with my boyfriend. I never thought, that I needed to move
out of my parents house because I never expected to live in Montreal for long. For me, it was just
a waste of money. I rather save for New York, London, Stockholm or Berlin! I have been away for a year, so it's nice to be back for now, surrounded by friends and family. Also I am gaining skills in marketing/PR, bar tending & Acting, So Im not ready to go just yet. Life is a lot cheaper here, but when I have used up all I can get out of Montreal, I hope "the boyfriend" will be ready to pack his things because, I'm OUT OF HERE!

p.s: If you have any advice on cheap ways to decorate your first apartment or on how to deal with moving in as a couple for the first time , feel free to send me comments.

TACK SA MYCKET (thank you so much in Swedish)