Thursday, August 20, 2009

To be or not to be

I am so into my book The Power of the Actor! It gives amazing tips, ways to get into a character, to understand why he is responding a certain way. It's giving me confidence that I can do it, it makes me really happy! :)
I have joined this website called where I c an see profile of families asking for help either at home, at their farms, B&Bs etc. I checked out england, ireland scotland and australia. Not sure where Ill end up, it depends on the families I guess. It's going to be insane! Anyone who wants to come with me, please grow the balls and do it. most of these places ask for more than one person. They give you a room and food everyday, some also pay. so if you have money for the flight, just pack up and LEAVE WITH ME! It's going to be a sick opportunity and girls, C'mon! british boys with sexy accents? Damn, how can you resist? Im going there to find my faithful Jude Law. Boys, there are going to be tons of girls loving your foreign accent, you know you want to be that guy. The one who is only staying there for a while so girls fall in love since its impossible and he gets laid repeatedly.

Anyway, just a thought, Im doing it, I just like the possibility of inspiring people

take care kiddies


Monday, August 10, 2009

Dilemma Dilemma

For months now I said that I would move to New York in september. It is still possible, but for some reason my mind is wandering round and thinking that I might want to go somewhere else first. I thought maybe a few months in europe would be cool. U.K men might just be what I need haha, I won`t need to dream of Jude Law or Alex turner anymore! Then New York pops in my head again, but soon enough L.A comes creeping in and Toronto is just always so much fun-I already have a good crew here. Australia has always been my dream so why not?

As you can see, I need help, directions, because pretty soon, it`ll be me- a hat- a beer- all those countries(or cities) in the hat-a witness- a blink 182 song and THAT IS IT!

God, please help me make the best decision for me and what I am looking for ok?

Oh also God, If you could throw in a couple amazing sexy time sessions in the near future, much appreciated!