Thursday, February 26, 2009


Now that I have been back for 2 days and I am finally taking a break (not necessarily by choice, I have what seems to be a cold/the flu/a migraine/maybe anemia) I realized that the best part of my trip wasn't getting into all those fancy nightclubs for free & going to all these events, but it's all the friends that I have made there. The people that I miss now & that are reaching me asking me to go back. When you are in NY it's easy to get lost in the nightlife. There is always something happening. I, was out every SINGLE night & got home at 3;30 the earliest.(prob why Im so sick now). But what I remember the most is the conversations I had with people. I was alone with boys for the first 8 days out of 10. I was so glad to make girl friends last friday. 2 girls from Austin Texas(Krupa & Veronica) and Gabby from New York. On my last night, 3 hours before I had to take the bus, Veronica, Gabby and I went to Haru Restaurant in Time Square to be able to have a nice girl talk without me having to rush to catch my bus since it was only a few blocks away at Port Authority.

I really love these girls. Veronica is moving from Austin in July & asked me to consider being her roommate. OH, I'm considering ALRIGHT!

(Veronica left and Gabby at my right)

Queens is really not so bad, I thought I'd get mugged since some people had told me the most dangerous parts of New York were :The Bronx, Harlem & Queens. Except, in Astoria Queens, it's pretty chill. There is a Greek street, a Brazilian street, an Italian street and guess what, a MOROCCAN street. Aw, I felt so at home!!! 

Anyway here are a few things I'm missing already:

Drinking Mimosas in the morning

The Dinner boxes from the amazing Japanese resto in Queens for 15$

My crazy adventures in those shoes

As for the people I miss, you know who you are. Especially if you bother to read my blog.
I'm not going into details as to what I did in New York, to respect my friends' privacy but also cuz I just don't think it's a good Idea ;)

One thing I will miss for sure is February 21st, saturday night.
 I was at a bar, fixing my nylons, about to leave, when suddenly, someone bumped into me from the back ;) 
As I was about to fall, someone grabs me by the waist and gently says:
"Sorry Darling."
When I say gently, yes I do also mean with a british accent.
So I turned around, to see none other than
Ed Westwick a.k.a Chuck Bass.

Now, I've always wanted to be an actress but pretending on the spot, that you don't know someone that you obviously know and drool over every week can be hard for some people. Fortunately for me, I pulled it off with a simple: "No problem, I'm alright."
Oh the sins I have contemplated in my head...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Start spreading the news...

& the lonely ranger is back.
I just returned from a 10 day trip in New York City. I was just suppose to stay the weekend. Only sleep 2 or 3 nights there but my host, Eddie McCall told me I really had no reason to leave so soon, especially that it was fashion week. I made SO many great friends AND so many GRRR-EATT networking connections (acting wise).

Not to sound conceded but I want to make a t-shirt with : 
Something magical happens in New York, I don't know if its the fact that I'm Canadian, or my accent but everything seems to fall on my lap with no effort necessary. I LOVE IT!!!
It is so wonderful there, it feels like anything can happen. I believe in myself there, for some reason.
I got a text from my friend when I was there saying: the city who doesn't sleep vs the girl who never sleeps. I think its more the alliance between the two.

Im starting to spread the news... there is a very high possibility that I might move there this summer. if not forever, at least for a while. I am not the only one who says I was made for that city.
These little town blues, are melting away
Ill make a brand new start of it - in old new york
If I can make it there, Ill make it anywhere
Its up to you - new york, new york

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


NEW  YORK is a crazy craaazy town. You never know who you are going to be meeting or partying with. I somehow went to this very exclusive club(no idea what the name is), all I remember is how amazing it felt when I was able to run the the bathroom and pee haha
Anywho, I was dancing by myself in our booth and a guy came up to me and said something. I had no idea what he said but then he came back and was like:Do you know where my jacket is?? 
 (how in the world am I suppose to know that, I've never seen you before)
I wasn't completely right .... here is who he is

That's right, Emile Hirsch. Then some girl came and looked angry so he said goodbye and left.
He was SO handsome & SO nice. Eddie told me :ouuuuuu so he liked you!!
Too bad that bitch was there ;)

oh well, tonight I'm hanging out with Marc Jacob's ex boyfriend. Random? yes. Awesome? most certainly

Friday, February 13, 2009

Taking off again

Some people tell me I'm always leaving. They might be right, I don't know. It just feels natural to me. I have nothing stopping me, no one asking me to stay & that's alright, sometimes one has to be on her own. I don't have a problem with that ...

Single & Fabulous
I just decided a long time ago that the next time I'd be single on a valentine's day, I wouldn't sit at home and cry or be angry anymore. NO, this time I would celebrate it, celebrate being free, healthy, happy & young & I'm doing it the only way I know how to...

Im just taking a greyhound on the hudson river line-

Monday, February 9, 2009

Man Overboard

BLINK 182 REUNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Mark, Tom & Travis, oh youuuuu!!!!
It's as if God heard my prayers. 
If there was one thing I regretted, it's that I never saw them play live and I thought I would never have the chance. I was given a second shot!
 Get ready to see me streaking on my 23rd birthday (June 12th).. oh yeah it will happen, I don't know where or how but it has to happen


Friday, February 6, 2009

Can't read my, can't read my...

"Im not ready to confront, I rather submit my words, this way....
You should know my story by now, and why I'm optimistic cautiously...
Cause you are going to have to prove me wrong, before I know it's right. We don't have to decide tonight, just wait for me, patiently oh and you'll get all of me...." - Mandy Moore

Well hello new lover!
I really can't think of one thing that can't be resolved by a delicious piece of brownie; heart break, stressful day, world peace or the fact that I just realized I spent 800$ in 15 days & that 50% was probably on Booze and some food ... yeah .. I don't know how that happened

On a different note, I have been back in Montreal for about 4 days now. I'm glad I get to see my friends again but I seriously miss my routine with Emily in Toronto & by routine I mean, waking up late, checking facebook, eating, do random stuff, get ready while watching sex and the city, go out to dinner , then to a show & end the night drunk enough to pass out as soon as our heads hit the pillow. I can't complain though, I have been having a great time ever since I came back. I hung out with a few friends already & made a couple new ones. I honestly had one of the best days yesterday, full of random adventures & penguins (spraying white shit in the water). 
I can't WAIT to see how the pictures turned out!

There is one song that even after listening to it over and over I just can't get annoyed and it constantly makes me want to dance Poker face
Loves it!
Question, I'm meeting a boy tonight, ohhhh it is NOT what you think, it's not for me no no. Actually, for the first time ever, my sister is "seeing someone". I am going to go with her to see The Virgins (no pun fucking intended) and "HE" will be there. She is currently begging me not to make fun of her or be mean to her in front of him. She also wants me to give him a chance and not beat him up. Man, that's a lot to ask, she has to pick one haha. I'm half  joking , I know I have to be decent and not a total bitch but at the same time I can't be TOO nice, he has to know that if he is a douche bag or player & plans to hurt my sister or just use her I WILL kill him. What would you do in my shoes?

Maybe I'll just play with my brand new DINOSAURS, (little dinosaur use to be my nickname)