Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Last night was my sister's 20th birthday. We celebrated it by going to the Hollywood Undead concert at Le National. The evening started off with us pre-drinking absinth & beer in Stef's car right in front of the venue. The show was amazing! I had a seat on the second floor,that was smack dab in the front and center so I had a perfect view and wasn't getting punched in the face or sweated on like everybody in the mosh pit. I still stood for 98% of the show, holding on to a ramp while shouting the words, dancing on 1 leg and taking pictures of these sexy men.

They started their set with Undead, which you could say is their Anthem song. It's the perfect first track on an album & a GREAT opener. They took off their masks during the show but put them back in the end when they closed with No. 5
I agree with that choice as well. It left everybody so pumped!!
It's also probably why I spend the ridiculous amount of 55$ for a Hollywood Undead Hoodie.

Once the show was done, we waited around a little. I was the only one with the balls to approach them, so I went to talk to Deuce a.k.a Da Produca. He was really sweet, he thought I wanted an autograph so I let him sign my arm(he was going for my boobs. Don't know why I said no).
Finally, we went to Foufs, where my sister was falling asleep on her chair. Da Kurlzz kept on staring at us but even with my " I saw you looking, come here and talk to me" smile, he would always just look the other way until he thought I wasn't looking anymore and then would stare again. Too bad...
 I got strangers, members of H.U and from First to Last to sing happy birthday to my sister. YOU'RE WELCOME!

Funny man is such a nice guy! When he was crowd surfing, he hit a girl over the head with his feet. Usually people don't give a shit, but he was all concerned and asked her if she was okay. When I asked him to take a picture, not only was he delighted but he rubbed my back when asking what happened to my leg & wishing that I would get better soon. What a sweetheart. These boys put up a front with their masks and lyrics but 60% of the band members are the nicest people I have ever met.

Funny man pulling an ugly face with my sister and I.

A couple of guys from the tour & I talked for a while & it is now set that when Stef & I will be in L.A this July, they are going to take us out, accompany us to LES DEUX even if they think it sucks, go to Disney Land, basically, be our tour guides. I didn't bother mentioning that Stef lived there for months because they seemed way to exited about it. I was promised surfing & drumming lessons. I was jazzed about going to California but now, I can barely sit still!!! (even though I have too HAHA)

COUNTDOWN: 2 months and a week til I land in L.A.X 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Slippery Dick

Last July, when Christina and I were in New York, we went to an "Underground Burlesque show".
I say underground because I assume that the fancy ones only have hot chicks. We did NOT!
I will have the image of a fat girl's cellulite ass & pineapple covered nipples engraved in my head for the REST OF MY LIFE!!!
Any who, there was a Brazilian guy that stripped down to a paper plate in front of his family jewels, then he covered himself up with mustard and ketchup and rubbed it all over his body. As gross as it may sound, it was pretty sexy, because of how sensually he was doing it. Before the stripping began he was doing some sort of aerobic dancing and after a couple of drinks, we tried to imitate him. Our mothers would be SO PROUD! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I love you, standing all alone with a black coat

I'm going back to the West Coast. May 21 to 27th.
This trip is long overdue since I haven't been back, not once, and I've been in Montreal since Christmas day 2007!
Memories started flooding back, some good, some bad, but it definitely makes me miss the good times. :)
Living in Vancouver was SO different than living in Montreal.
 No one speaks French there, that's one thing. There are 50% more asians & the city is surrounded by the sea and mountains. It's Gorgeous!

Montreal is a sweet city, it'll always be my hometown but I never felt like I really belonged here. Vancouver was beautiful, but not exactly my rhythm either. Which is why New York is my next step.

On another note, after staying in Vancouver for a couple days, my trip will lead me to Seattle, where the Lovely Naomi invited me to a Film Festival Premiere.

Then, if all goes according to plan, she will join Greg and I on our road trip to George, Washington , where a couple of my friends from California will drive up to as well.
The Sasquatch Festival will be 3 days/nights of drunk camping and ear drums exploding to the sound of:

Im looking forward to this adventure and to walking again!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't Mess with the Zocam!

Last night, a boy mouth raped my sister. She immediately pushed him away for many reasons (she didn't want to kiss him, she has a bf and HE has a gf). Since he is a dumb douche bag, his girlfriend found out, therefore he started blaming my sister & decided to email her boyfriend to get her in in trouble as well.  Here is the email I just sent that lil excrement :

1-Instead of cheating on someone, you can make a conscious decision to just be single and fuck around all you want.
2-If you are going to cheat, be smart enough not to get caught a.k.a kissing your gf's friend (who doesn't want to kiss you) and IN FRONT of common friends is a big no no.
3-When you DO get caught, admit to your mistakes & try to work it out or accept your defeat since you brought it on yourself.
4-Don't try to manipulate everyone and make yourself the victim, it's pathetic!
5-Writing shit to the girl in question's bf just because you are in trouble with your gf is CHILDISH and only makes you look like MORE of a pussy than you already are.
6-Taking advantage of drunk girls & telling them they wanted it and trying to fuck with their minds is pretty close to the rape family, don't you think?

Wow you certainly accomplished a lot, this list must make you feel SO Proud!
You should take this opportunity to reevaluate your life and try to make more positive choices.


I could have been a lot harsher, but I Decided to be decent. If his answer ends up being disrespectful, which who are we kidding, will probably be, Then I will have to take out the big guns, I know people. Don't mess with the ZoCam ;) !!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Excuse me, your life is waiting!

What's up with everybody being depressive, whiney, and annoying as HELL with how much they hate their lives?!?!?! Jeez people, do you have any idea how lucky most of you are? Inform yourselves with what is going on around the world, you'll soon realize that your "problems"  are insignificant and so are you if you don't SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!

I use to complain a lot and see myself as a victim, I'm not gonna lie, but THANK GOD, I got over that and I have never felt BETTER.  I wish people would also understand that the key to "happiness" is to just accept things as they are, do your best, and stop trying to control things that are OUT of your control. Buddhist philosophies are a tremendous help for insane self-centered people a.k.a 99% of the population. It brought me from my old "stress ball dying of a heart attack at 25 self" to new " Chill dude, it's going to be all good. Everything happens for a reason self". I'm not saying that everyone should become buddhists. But reading their philosophies can give one the chance to learn about common sense ways of living life. Sometimes all you need is a little push.

Relax people, have a drink and do whatever it is you want to do because everything will be alright. There is nothing you CAN'T handle. It can be tough, painful and scary but acting like it's the end of the world every time there is a little bump on the road is not the right way to live and it won't get you ANYWHERE, trust me. I will be really lame and quote the author of " Excuse me, your life is waiting" Lynn Grabhorn: " We, humans, have an electrochemical currency running through us, which is affected by our emotions. When you are feeling happy or joyful, that current or energy, vibrates at a higher frequency than when you are feeling sad or angry. When you're vibrating at a high frequency, you're more likely to attract happy people, than when you vibrate at a low, sad frequency. It's the law of attraction in physics." 

Basically, when you are having a pity party, all you are doing, is attracting more people that are as depressed as you and creating negative situations in your life. Ever since I got over all that, I have allowed so many great people into my life, let all the bad ones go & opportunities have been knocking on my door non stop. I truly believe in visualization. Sometimes, I just close my eyes and picture what I want my life to be. By picturing it, I create the emotions I would feel if it was actually going on and with my feelings, I ATTRACT these situations, events, these OPPORTUNITIES. 

The way we think...
...causes the way we feel. . .
...and the way we feel. . .
...causes the way we vibrate
...and the way we vibrate. . .

You should get on that!

p.s: In 2004 Lynn Grabhorn flew to Europe to have an assisted suicide due to an illness. Don't let that stop you from reading her book though. It's a great book but she was sick and thought that her job here was done. It doesn't mean that she didn't know what she was talking about.