Friday, June 17, 2011

Moving out at 25.

In a week and 2 days, I will be moving out of my parents house, for good!
I know I should be excited, but to be honest, I'm a little afraid. Yes, I am 25 years
old now, but it's still a big step. Moving out, ummm. Not having to hear my parents
shout "What are you doing with your life?" on a weekly basis will be great & not having my
mom telling me that its cold outside, that I should remember to wear a scarf, or not to run for the
bus because it's better to lose your bus then lose your life. THAT will not be missed. (I know mom, Im not an idiot,
I just dont put my scarf on 20 minutes before leaving, while still getting ready. And running for the bus, when do I
EVER run?)
Although, I will surely yearn for my parents when Im sick, or when I come home exhausted, expecting
a warm dinner to be ready for me. I am not a brat, I PROMISE. My mom and dad just act like real
parents, in the sense that, they make my food and give me medicine when Im sick or, answer me
frankly when I ask them if I look fat in my new dress. Yes Yes my mom still does my laundry.
But I don't ASK her to, and I do it too, it's just that sometimes, if I leave my dirty clothes in my basket
for lets say, over a week, she grabs my stuff and puts it with hers. I thank her profusely for it. My sweet
little mum. Some Non-Montrealers or french Montrealers will not understand why I waited so long to move out.
In my culture & many European cultures, you do not leave your parents' house until you marry. Now, I am not
getting married by any means, BUT, I am moving in with my boyfriend. I never thought, that I needed to move
out of my parents house because I never expected to live in Montreal for long. For me, it was just
a waste of money. I rather save for New York, London, Stockholm or Berlin! I have been away for a year, so it's nice to be back for now, surrounded by friends and family. Also I am gaining skills in marketing/PR, bar tending & Acting, So Im not ready to go just yet. Life is a lot cheaper here, but when I have used up all I can get out of Montreal, I hope "the boyfriend" will be ready to pack his things because, I'm OUT OF HERE!

p.s: If you have any advice on cheap ways to decorate your first apartment or on how to deal with moving in as a couple for the first time , feel free to send me comments.

TACK SA MYCKET (thank you so much in Swedish)


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A year later...

Hello, Hello, Hello fellow bloggers or blog readers.
It has been ages since I have written. I know!
But you know what they say, when you are too busy living your life,
you don't have time to write about it.
Now by that logic, I'd be saying that I have nothing to do.
It is not entirely true. I am only procrastinating & pretending to be busy working,
not to leave POP Montreal too soon. It'd look bad. Oh yeah, I'm an intern at
POP Montreal now. The International music festival. Pretty cool isn't it?
I'd love to actually work here. (not being paid atm, it's fun but it just means I
need to juggle my internship AND a server job at a restaurant in the Old Port).
I am also currently looking for a flat. (apartment, place, wtv, I lived in London so deal!)
Leaving the parents' nest for good this time. Coming back from Europe was brutal enough and having to move in with my parents was the kick in the gut I did not need. There's a new man in my life and things are going as well as they can possibly go because... we are moving it together, TADA!
It's a first for both of us so I know for a fact that it's because we both believe and feel that we are right for each other
& IF somehow, we are wrong, well, we'll find out a lot faster won't we?
So much has happened since my last post! (a year ago?)
I have lived & nannied in London while taking an acting course & doing crazy things a single 23 year old would do in such a wonderful city. I travelled around Europe for 4 months (mostly on my own) & met a ton of absolutely WONDERFUL people that I am absolutely saddened not to see everyday (You know who you are). I came back to Montreal to find out I had only truly missed a few people & was really depressed from my return. Until 9 days later, I met the boy I am now looking for flats with. In the midst of all this, I lost my grand mother & a friend a few months previous to that. Also Lost ended. Now my cat is not doing well & she has been a part of the family for 14 years. The clock is ticking & again, I am noticing myself holding my breath. There are definitely a mixture of happy and sad in my heart, but that's life. It throws you punches and you just have to put your head down and keep swinging.

I love you all,
It's nice to be back on the interwebs.