Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm a survivor!

15 days since I first arrived to London & I am EXHAUSTED! I have officially became a mum. I wake up at stupid o' clock because I have to feed breakfast to the kids, I change their nappies , get them dressed, play with them, watch kids shows, stroll them around, put them in their car seats, hold them when they cry, pick up after them, make and give them their milk, put them to bed and the next day it starts all over. I have a huge respect for mothers & have now realized that being a stay at home job is definitely not for "lazy women" it is the HARDEST job there is. I don't care if you are a mechanic, a rocket scientist, a heart surgeon or wtv else. Being a full time mom of more than one child is hell & bliss all at once but there is definitely more hell to it. I am not saying I hate it here because I don't. Liam is getting use to me, I can carry him without him trying to commit suicide because he sees me. He actually cries if I don't hold him sometimes. Emma plays with me and randomly hugs me. My new name is Milia now since she cant say Camelia. It's the cutest thing, before going to bed she says : Night night Milia! in her british accent with her thumb in her mouth. <3 As you can see, there are tons of good things but Jeez!!! I can't do anything after a day working. I just pass out, all the time!!! Which is exactly what Im going to do right now. Its almost 1 am and I have to wake up at 7:30 am tomorrow (It's my late day, usually I wake up at 6:30 am). Here are a few pictures of my two little monsters & bluebell, the cat.

Emma Macnamara

Maybe if I don't move, that crazy Bitch will go away.

Liam a.k.a Maggot man!

18 year old BlueBell

People definitely DON'T mistake him as my child when we go out!

Mister Man!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crying Lightning

I arrived in London tuesday morning after a 6 and a half hour over night flight from Toronto. Things didn't start off very well since they lost my guitar. What a bummer!
I was greeted by Andrea, she had a paper with CAMELIA written on it. It was very sweet. It felt like things were turning around. She was very friendly, it felt like we knew each other already. We had skyped twice and spoke over the phone a couple times but our previous communication mostly consisted of emails which is why it surprised me that we both felt so comfortable with each other right away. When I arrived at the house Mark (the husband) and Liam were already outside welcoming me into their home. Its a little scary to think that's it, I have a responsibility towards that family now, I can't flake. this is for real. They are counting on me, and taking me into their home, trusting me with their children, I can't disappoint them...
Annndddddd I already disappointed them. This is a recurrent problem with me people seem to think I'm not motivated or enthusiastic enough about things. I think I just have a hard time showing my enthusiasm or I can't fake how I feel. As much as I love taking care of kids, being jet lagged and exhausted took over. I really think they should forgive how not on the ball I was for my first 4 days here. I DID cross the Atlantic after all. It's not like this job was in Laval instead of Montreal, it's in London England!! A country I have never been to before. Where I don't know a soul & miss my family & friends.
On a different note, I went for drinks tonight (saturday the 14th) with a friend of a friend I had on facebook for 2 years but never spoke to until a few weeks before I moved. I am glad we really got along & it was fun. we bar hopped a little bit & I got to see 2 guys fall flat on their backs in the middle of the street and piss themselves without being able to get up from how shitfaced they were. It was pretty intense! I also made a discovery I will post in my next entry because I absolutely NEED to attach a picture with it. I was speechless. The cab driver thought I was crazy & asked me why I was taking a picture of a certain something. Unfortunately my bluetooth doesnt work here and I dont have a usb cable for my phone so it's impossible for me to post it. But I'll ask Amity (my new friend) to take a picture tomorrow when we go to Camdon. It's the funky/music area of london sort of like Kensington market. I CAN'T WAIT!!

nighty night everyone. It is 5:50 am here.

I miss you very much

p.s: my guitar was delivered to the neighbors house the same day while we were out shopping. thank GOD!